Autobiography of W.S. Cain


Biographical Sketches of Relatives
Reminiscences of 1861-1865

Monotyped and Printed by
Crane & Company
A very scarce personal account of a White Officer in a Black Regiment. Apparently the only book about the 12th Regiment U.S. Colored Infantry. 
“William Stephen Cain (1836-1920) entered the Union Army as a Sergeant at the start of the Civil War. After the two years of service with the Kansas Infantry in Tennessee and a “rigid examination by a Board of Generals”, in August 1863 he was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant in the 12th US Colored Infantry, becoming a Company Commander in that regiment the following year, leading his troops against Confederate General Hood’s forces at the Battle of Nashville. ” 
First Edition.

Very scarce – very few printed! None on market! A copy sold at auction for $660 several years ago! Who knows when another copy will turn up. Worldcat only shows 15 in all the libraries in the world!

Original cloth, lettered in gilt!

126 pages.
Size: 8″ x 5 1/2″

References: Not in any of the major bibliographies; apparently overlooked, probably due to rarity.
Condition: Good-

Tight Binding. Pages are pretty clean with only light occasional foxing. Covers have some silverfish? damage (more cosmetic than anything).  


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