Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama

The first edition of Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama was published in 1995 by Times Books (A division of Random House) in New York. It is said to have been published in an extremely small first printing of only 7500 copies and was published before Obama was even a state senator, let alone President Elect. Printed in much lower numbers than the first edition of The Audacity of Hope. So it is very scarce/rare.

First Edition Points:

  • States “First Edition” on the copyright page
  • Has “9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2” number line on copyright page (Random House always left out the 1 on first printings).
  • $23.00 price on front flap of the dust jacket.

Do not confuse this with the 2004 reissue by Crown Publishing.

1995 First Edition in Dust Jacket: $4000
1995 First Edition in Dust Jacket Signed: $10,000-15,000
First Printing of the 2004 Crown Reissue in DJ: $750
First Printing of the 2004 Crown Reissue in DJ: $2500
Any printing Signed: $1000

These have been increasing in value for some time and should continue to be more and more collectible.

First Editions of this book on Abebooks
Signed copies on Abebooks

If you are just looking for a cheap copy to read go here (there are also some cheaper signed copies there as well).

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